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Toni Vicars
Toni Vicars
CMO, Dot-Connectors &
Toni‘s professional bio / interests
I work as a fractional CMO for startups and scaleups. I've had the opportunity to hold senior positions at many well-known organisations such as Apple and Microsoft, and been the first marketing hire with several startups blazing their trails. I've had incredible highs creating experiences, building brands and getting unique and new points of view into the atmosphere and key customers' consciousness. I'm a seasoned resource who knows how to make a difference. Businesses need experienced marketing strategists, but for those who don't have the budget or need full-time hires, this is where I step in. With a fractional CMO, you get all the benefits of a senior marketing professional with flexibility.
I’d like help with…
Customer orientation and brand communications. I honestly believe that this is the biggest opportunity for most B2B businesses and those B2C who are too product orientated. It's especially challenging for young businesses who have been so focused on building their solution that they accidentally - through the process of being passionate - loose sight of their customer. When you forget to make it about your customer and not about you, your sales, growth and business become handicapped. For anyone who is struggling with getting the attention, growth and sales they think they deserve, then a No BS Customer Orientation Audit might be really valuable. I run them with an amazing UX expert - Tom Fry - to give you a full rundown of where your marketing and customer experience might need some help!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I trained as a ballet dancer! And I have the biggest cocker spaniel in London - my first dog and now I'm officially a dog crazy mamma when not being a workaholic! You can check him out at
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A career highlight
This is so hard! I've had the privilege of being involved in so many amazing moments. From being in the room when iphone was launched and being taught about brand value from, let's face it, an iconic brand to the joy of launching a startup and getting the first customer sign-ups or that first piece of PR coverage that puts you on the map. Recently I worked on a brand positioning refresh for a insurtech scaleup and when presented to a customer, they stated that it would have reduced the sales cycle significantly as it felt like the company finally understood them.
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10 May, 2023