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Master student, University of Strathclyde
TZU-CHI‘s professional bio / interests
Greetings, I am Cherry, an aspiring marketing student presently advancing my expertise as a Master's student at the University of Strathclyde. As I eagerly anticipate the completion of my dissertation this forthcoming August, I'm also poised to transition into a career within the dynamic field of marketing.
I’d like help with…
As I strive to venture into the captivating world of marketing through graduate opportunities or full-time employment, I earnestly welcome any pertinent information you may provide. I greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing any relevant opportunities, thank you sincerely.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I harbor a deep-seated passion for traversing the globe, both for leisure and business. This thirst for discovery has not only enriched my personal life but look forward to making it contribute a unique global perspective to my professional approach in the future.
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A career highlight
Having garnered an invaluable five-year tenure as the secretary to the Vice President of a renowned technology company, while simultaneously serving as an integral assistant within a bustling 500-person department headquarters, I've carved a remarkable professional trajectory for myself.
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23 May, 2023