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Callum Warner
Callum Warner
Delivery Driver + Logistics, Iceland Foods Ltd
Callum‘s professional bio / interests
I've been tinkering with AI, with a view to understand its incorporation with accountancy for task automation. I'm self-funding my ACCA quals. Biology, Biomechanics & Coaching for improving human movement (Sports Graduate)
I’d like help with…
Networking & conference call Study groups of like minded professionals. Those in my network lack sufficient industry experience in Accountancy and its modern challenges (AI and associated effects) or have young families so have their hands tied atm.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I've seen the internals of my left hand, good thing I understand biology and knew what to expect. I'm tempted to name one of my sons/daughters Aurelian/Aurelia (not even after Tchouaméni). Topics you'll likely get me deep into - History (as alluded to above) Sports (Football, Bouldering, Badminton) Languages International socialising (with internationals not networking holidays).
I live in
A career highlight
Being told by three customers in one day that they'd minimum interview me off the back of our conversations alone (into their various industries). Restaurant management, Fleet vehicle management + Gardener/Landscaper
Joined Guild
31 May, 2023