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Vadim Tertilov
Vadim Tertilov
IT-Specialist, Freelance
Vadim‘s professional bio / interests
- Created my first "Hello World!" program in January, 2022 - Started my Freelancer career in May, 2022 - Worked as a FullStack Django + React.js developper in a Rater start-up in June-November 2022. - Working as a blockchain developper from January 2022 - now
I’d like help with…
I'd like to help with building various dApps: P2E-games, Decentralized Exchanges, NFT markets, etc. I'd like to help with building blcockhains and smart ecosystems around them. I'd like to help with coding small fun games.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
- I was the 1st person from my home country, who gained a 3rd place in the International Math Olympaid in 2019. - I'm the Master of Sports in Chess
I live in
A career highlight
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01 June, 2023