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Ingrid Badenhorst
Ingrid Badenhorst
Student (BSc Mathematics and Economics), University of London and London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Ingrid‘s professional bio / interests
I am a mathematics enthusiast and have been since a young age. I was studying BCom Mathematical Sciences until I had some unforeseeable medical issues arise. I wasn’t allowed to go back to Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Now I have changed to BSc Mathematics and Economics at the University of London. Econometrics is a new found passion of mine and am always excited and willing to learn more, especially about the new developing fields. Mathematical Statistics is one of my favourite topics and fields to work in. Discovering the undiscoverable - as I would say.
I’d like help with…
After receiving my offer from J.P. Morgan for the CADP internship, I have decided to remain and continue to help advocate for the DEI&B. Receiving that offer almost brought me to tears during the phone call, I had been released from hospital due to long term illness and flare ups the day before my final interview. They accepted me with knowledge of all of these boundaries and have inspired me to continue to advocate and help everyone break their boundaries and continue to develop the DEI&B processes and conversations.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am extremely fascinated by mathematics since a young age. I would love to become a forensic analyst or to be a mathematician on the Square Kilometer Array telescope project in which they will for example prove or disprove Einstein's Theory of Relativity, one of many factors they are working on. I am also extremely interested in leaving more about becoming a statistician or strategist for a company. I have been teaching mathematics for years now from 4 year old to 2nd year university students. I am also creating a mathematics asynchronous course for CambriLearn for international GCSE mathematics.
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A career highlight
I am currently top 10 out of 750 applicants for the Breaking Barriers 2023 Award I am studying BCom Mathematics and Economics at the University of London and London School of Economics and Politics. J.P Morgan CADP intern Summer 2024 I am a International IGCSE asynchronous course for mathematics for CambriLearn I tutor South African’s Cambridge level at affordable prices to them in order for them to possibly break barriers too. I am also a mathematics teacher for a UK school for year 7, year 8, year 9 and year 10 (GCSE)
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05 June, 2023