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Chinedu Joseph
Chinedu Joseph
Content writer & Blogger, Cryptoboot camp, & Cowrywise
Chinedu‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a chemical engineering graduate from the federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria. As a content writer, I creatively using words to project the uniqueness of Personal Growth, Personal branding and Blockchain Development. #Web3 / #Content writer/ #Innovative blogger
I’d like help with…
Team work, ideas 💡 and opinion on personal growth or development, research.. A good relator, with high taste of communication skills and inspiration.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm a young and talented gem, who has passion for inspiring and motivating others. I love to use my writing skills to inspire and uplift my readers, sharing insights and practical advice on personal development, productivity, and business growth. I'm also committed to personal development and growth which I reflect in his daily life.
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A career highlight
The first day I spoke to large audience as a guest speaker on the topic Money management 101: The way to Financial stability
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05 June, 2023