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Abbie Robinson
Abbie Robinson
Student, University of Northampton
Abbie‘s professional bio / interests
I am an undergraduate Advertising and Digital Marketing student at the University of Northampton; I have just completed my first year.
I’d like help with…
As a soon to be second year student I am looking for placement opportunities for the summer of 2024. As well as, other internship experiences throughout my degree, as a chance to learn new skills and develop my knowledge of all things marketing.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am one of the first of my generation within my family, to seek a university education. I have a very creative mind, I have always loved photography as a hobby which lead me to study the subject for 4 years throughout my GCSE's and A-Level's and still continue it as a hobby, where I have now made my own website showcasing my work.
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A career highlight
In my current job as an Online Shopper at Sainsbury's I was given an award for achieving over the targeted IPH (Items Per Hour) within 2 months. In my first job at McDonald's, I achieved employee of the month and worked my way up to Crew Trainer within 6 months.
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06 June, 2023