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Charity Omoduemuke
Charity Omoduemuke
Student Representative, Bournemouth University
Charity‘s professional bio / interests
Just submitted my dissertation a few weeks ago. As a result, I am set to begin my career journey in Business. the experiences I had during my university days have helped me in shaping my mindset concerning various areas of my life thereby enabling me to be an effective resource in any company I find myself in. As a result, I am determined to succeed and to be a source of impact in any company I found myself. Over the years, my range of interests keep fluctuating so I may be interested in art today and tomorrow, I found out I'm completely interested in another activity entirely, However, I think my major interests include reading various articles on the internet, vlogging: I have a youtube channel where I vlogged about Faith, Development and Lifestyle towards that effect and finally, I love travelling and meeting new people and I'm so glad that I get to meet new people on this platform soon.
I’d like help with…
I would like help with networking with companies, getting knowledge of career opportunities and applying for jobs
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
An interesting fact about me is that I ;m still in touch with a teacher who taught me in nursery school. In fact, she is one my mutual friends on Facebook
I live in
A career highlight
Well, I'm just beginning my career journey. However, I have had the opportunity to have internships in various companies. During my internships there, I was able to make incredible impacts thereby increasing the value of the company within its market.
Joined Guild
08 June, 2023