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Chris Hill
Chris Hill
Owner, WeLikeTHIS
Chris‘s professional bio / interests
I’m a marketing consultant with bags of experience in startups, seed rounds and SaaS platforms.
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I understand that failure is the burden of success. As an entrepreneur you have to get used to failure. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference. I’ve raised over £10m for different businesses over the years. I’ve built successful bar chains and coffee shops, invented the worlds first heated pizza delivery bag and rolled it out internationally. I built a successful UK web design agency, then sold it to invent and roll out a small business marketing platform (raising 2.5m and releasing it here and in the US. Those are some of my successes… but the failures. So many and all learning curves. You can’t have success without failure… all my successes had huge elements of failure at the beginning, I just had the juice to keep going.
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A career highlight
I invented the worlds first heated pizza delivery bag and sold it to all the major pizza chains
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10 June, 2023