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Madoc Start
Madoc Start
Finance Analyst, C. Hoare & Co
Madoc‘s professional bio / interests
I have been working at the private bank, C. Hoare & Co., for the past 6 months. Currently, conducting equity investment research on behalf of the bank and making recommendations for the purposes of investment/divestment. In addition to this I am taking courses on Python programming to further my learning.
I’d like help with…
Understanding what my future will be like in terms of the day to day life, the different opportunities that lie within the sectors, what it is that interests the individuals who are already in those sectors and why they chose to work at their respective companies/what are the differences in investment banks such as: UBS, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and BAML etc.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
To clear my head I like to either go garden watching with a friend/family or go motor racing.
I live in
A career highlight
The bank that I currently work at deciding to purchase the investment I recommended.
Joined Guild
12 June, 2023