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Chared Verschuur
Chared Verschuur
Communication Consultant, Good Comms
Chared‘s professional bio / interests
Hi, I’m Chared, a progressive idealist with 20+ years’ experience in journalism, development communication & corporate communication. Throughout my career, I have played different roles from individual contributor to team manager and trusted advisor. Having worked in a broad range of industries -- news & media, science & health, European-funded research and innovation, international development and technology (STEM) -- taught me flexibility, the value of listening, and how to work with various stakeholders. I found my purpose in internal communication because I believe that all external victory starts with inner work. Beyond work, I am a LeanIn volunteer & Circle Leader. I live in the Netherlands with my urban farmer husband and active toddler.
I’d like help with…
- sharing my research with the wider public - sparring about IC experiences - my next assignment
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
- I have interviewed at least 3 Nobel prize awardees - I wrote a thesis on internal communication and belonging in the virtual workplace in 2021 and advocate for belonging - I love playing with words, creating mnemonics and asking existential questions
I live in
A career highlight
Becoming an independent consultant in the middle of the pandemic
Joined Guild
16 May, 2020