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Priyansh Jain
Priyansh Jain
SEM Analyst, Gannett
Priyansh‘s professional bio / interests
Hello, I'm Priyansh, a passionate digital marketer with a strong interest in the dynamic field of business analytics. If you're looking for freelancers or interns in the digital marketing field, I'm actively seeking opportunities to contribute my skills and knowledge
I’d like help with…
I can assist you with a wide range of digital marketing tasks. Whether it's developing marketing strategies, setting up and optimizing online campaigns, or conducting market research or anything else that you'd like!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
As an avid traveler, food enthusiast, and lover of humor, one interesting thing about me is my talent for uncovering hidden local food treasures and places wherever I go
I live in
A career highlight
Within few months of starting my first job, my manager appreciated me in front of the whole team for my work which is a very big deal for a fresher. It's probably doesn't count much but definitely a significant moment in my career till now.
Joined Guild
15 June, 2023