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Malek Khan
Malek Khan
Business Graduate, Brunel University
Malek‘s professional bio / interests
Hey there! I'm a recent graduate from a management and marketing course, looking to expand my portfolio and garner experience through business internships and lots of hobbies, including playing the guitar & piano, cycling, solving puzzles, etc., in my pursuit of continuous learning and self-improvement. Aspiring to run the London Marathon in 2025. Feel free to message me about anything, I'm always excited to connect with people and hear your story! Best of luck to you all
I’d like help with…
Learning new languages! I'd love to become more fluent in French, Spanish, and German. I'm also exploring other avenues of Business and would love to discuss my options (and vice versa).
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Went from being the slowest swimmer in my club to one of the fastest, and I can type at a speed of over 200 words per minute on a keyboard.
I live in
A career highlight
Proud to receive the "Employee of the Month" award three times out of the 6 months I worked at a restaurant as a waiter. This recognition highlights my work ethic and knack for serving customers with a genuine smile
Joined Guild
15 June, 2023