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Anil Jayakar Sridher Reuben
Anil Jayakar Sridher Reuben
Graduate Student, Middlesex Univeristy
Anil Jayakar‘s professional bio / interests
I am currently pursuing an MSc in Data Science. I have previous experience working for Amazon in their CTPS division as an Investigations Advisor, with core skills including AML and KYC compliance, new hire training, and reporting and handling escalations. Currently, I am upskilling myself to become proficient in building fraud detection machine learning models and systems.
I’d like help with…
I would appreciate career advice on how to successfully enter the data industry while capitalizing on my unique identity capital and ensuring that I leverage my past experiences in a meaningful and enriching manner. I believe that my distinct background and previous endeavors hold valuable assets that can contribute to my success in this field. I am seeking guidance on identifying and showcasing my unique value, bridging any skill gaps through targeted learning opportunities, networking effectively to expand my connections and seek mentorship, and strategically demonstrating my transferable skills from previous roles. Additionally, I would appreciate advice on engaging in personal data-related projects and creating a compelling portfolio to demonstrate my practical skills and passion for the field. Finally, insights on finding relevant internships or entry-level positions that can provide valuable hands-on experience and industry exposure would be invaluable. Your assistance in navigating these aspects would greatly aid me in making a purposeful breakthrough into the data industry and establishing a rewarding career path.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
An interesting fact about me is that I have a deep love for adventure and creativity. Whether it's hitting the open road on my motorcycle, exploring new trails during treks, or rocking out on stage as a guitarist in my university band, I always seek ways to embrace excitement and express myself. Additionally, during my undergraduate days, I took on a leadership role by hosting numerous events at my university, bringing together students for memorable experiences. These diverse passions have shaped my life, allowing me to enjoy thrilling experiences, foster a sense of community, and express my artistic side through music.
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A career highlight
During a significant organizational restructuring within the department, necessitating the formation of a new sub-division, substantial disruptions in headcount planning and investigator allocation were encountered. To address these challenges, I developed a comprehensive Excel dashboard that was subsequently deployed on SharePoint. This solution provided managers and higher management with enhanced capabilities to efficiently plan headcount, resulting in real-time cost savings by optimizing the allocation of resources and reducing the need for overtime. Moreover, the implementation of this dashboard significantly improved task resolution and bolstered service level delivery within the newly established sub-division.
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15 June, 2023