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Janhavi Waghmare
Janhavi Waghmare
Master's in Management Student, University College London
Janhavi‘s professional bio / interests
I am a results-driven Business Administration graduate with a passion for marketing and sustainability. With a diverse skill set and a focus on strategy, I am dedicated to driving positive change in the corporate world. My experiences at University College London and in internships have honed my analytical and communication skills, while my involvement in volunteer work has instilled in me a strong sense of teamwork and community engagement. I am committed to continuous learning, as evidenced by my certifications in psychology, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. With a proactive mindset and a drive for excellence, I am ready to contribute to the success of an organization that values sustainability and innovation.
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Finding an intership or a full-time job that will propel me into the world of marketing
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19 June, 2023