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Kelechi Ahanwa
Kelechi Ahanwa
Management (Operations and Supply Chain Management), MSc., Swansea University
Kelechi‘s professional bio / interests
A driven and motivated professional currently pursuing an MSc in Management, specialising in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Swansea University. With a keen interest in overseeing operational activities at all organisational levels, I am actively seeking graduate roles that encompass both Operations Management and Project Management. My academic background has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities associated with these roles. I am well-versed in hiring and training employees, managing quality assurance programs, and implementing strategic process improvements to enhance efficiency and ensure timely task completion. Additionally, I have developed skills in planning, monitoring, and managing the production of deliverables, as well as utilising project assurance roles and maintaining project documentation. To further enhance my skill set, I am currently pursuing project management certifications, complementing my academic knowledge with practical expertise. I am particularly interested in applying my expertise in diverse industries such as IT, Construction, healthcare, fashion, and hospitality & events. Combining my academic knowledge, ongoing certifications, and passion for both Operations and Project Management, I am well-equipped to take on challenges and positively impact any team or organisation. I am adaptable, detail-oriented, and committed to driving operational excellence and successful project outcomes.
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One interesting fact about me is that I have a passion for culinary exploration. From experimenting with new recipes to exploring alternative cooking methods, I derive great joy from the creative process of preparing food. I am a natural planner and organiser, often sought after by my friends for managing tasks and events. I find joy in motivating others to achieve their full potential and pursue personal growth.
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20 June, 2023