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Nora Farkas
Nora Farkas
Receptionist, The Villa Kensington
Nora‘s professional bio / interests
I am a front desk receptionist at a London Hotel with proactive problem-solving and decision-making. I am interested in several business operational opportunities in various industries and am ready to work as I will graduate with a Bachelor's degree this September from Arden University. My experiences in Hungary in Dept collection and Insurance companies, moreover, Public Research. In London, I extended my view and skills in hospitalities, where I experienced operational and leadership principles and purposes. Now I am ready and excited to step ahead in a more dynamic area such as Business Analysis, Strategic management and Change management as an Intern to utilise my diverse knowledge and experiences to create something meaningful.
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Constant improvement guides my future career choice with the possibility of growth that makes me more productive. In my way of attaining experience, I gained insight into various sectors and work types which, by reevaluating during my study towards graduation, formed my more prudent and critical approach to excel in several challenges.
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20 June, 2023