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Ton Dobbe
Ton Dobbe
Founder / Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration
Ton‘s professional bio / interests
I founded my business on one transformative idea: The future belongs to software businesses that create products worth making a remark about. I believe something is broken around the way we view success. Too many software companies define their success by their size and quarterly growth figures. I believe success should be about the difference we help our customers create, and what we help them become as a consequence. Once that’s firmly in place customers turn into advocates and with that success follows, in volumes we couldn't have imagined upfront.
I’d like help with…
Strategies to create maximum engagement and growth amongst my tribe. I am currently pivoting my business from project-based to membership-based with the 5-year goal to help +1000 business software companies around the globe to create and market solutions people find worth making a remark about
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am the son of a tulip farmer - and a fan of BIG wave surfing (watching it :-)
I live in
A career highlight
Starting my own business in 2017, publishing my first book (The Remarkable Effect) 2-2-2020 and started a tribe for tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission in the slipstream of that.
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03 June, 2020