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Bogdan Marinescu


Bogdan Marinescu

Founder & MD, Digital Trails

Bogdan's professional bio / interests

I run an agile agency that provides multi-market digital marketing, PR and reputation management services to clients across the UK, US and mainland Europe. We have two BUs, in London and Amsterdam, staffed with core teams who manage a network of native, in-market specialists. This puts us in a position to deliver agile consultancy and campaign deployment/execution at scale across a variety of markets.

I’d like help with…

Looking for inspiration, insight, knowledge share and potential partnerships.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I'm an 80's ex soviet block kid who grew up across Romania, Sicily and London with a resulting mix that is highly unusual.

I live in


A career highlight

Going from middle management to building a remote marketing agency.




Joined Guild

Jun 11, 2020