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Noura L
Noura L
Student, Middlessex University
Noura‘s professional bio / interests
"I am an ambitious and dedicated undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Medical Physiology at Middlesex University. In his program's second year, I am passionate about understanding the intricacies of the human body and its physiological processes. Before his studies, I gained valuable experience as an Early Years Teacher, where I nurtured young children's intellectual and emotional development. This role allowed me to cultivate effective communication and interpersonal skills and a patient and empathetic approach to education. In addition to my teaching and instructor experience, I have worked as a private tutor, providing one-on-one instruction in various subjects. This opportunity has honed my ability to tailor educational approaches to meet individual needs and foster academic growth. Complementing my interest in physiology, I possess a keen fascination with technology. I completed several relevant courses, further enhancing My skills and knowledge—this combination of scientific understanding and technological acumen positions me to excel in the ever-evolving healthcare technology landscape. Driven by a strong desire to impact the medical field positively, I am committed to continuing my education and seeking opportunities to contribute to medical research and technology advancements. With my interdisciplinary background and dedication to learning, I aspire to bridge the gap between science, technology, and healthcare to improve patient outcomes and shape the future of medicine."
I’d like help with…
Eager to utilize my knowledge and skills to assist others in their educational, health, and research endeavours. My interdisciplinary background and genuine desire to help position me as a valuable resource.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am an avid traveller and have a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. I have visited countries across continents, immersing myself in various cultures and gaining a broader world perspective. These experiences have enriched my understanding of different societies and fostered my adaptability, open-mindedness, and ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Whether exploring historical landmarks, trying new cuisines, or engaging in local traditions, my passion for travel fuels my curiosity and desire to expand my horizons continuously.
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A career highlight
*Research Assistant at a renowned medical institution. *Contributed to a groundbreaking research project. *Data collection, analysis, and preparation of research publications. *Gained hands-on experience in scientific research and data interpretation. *Recognized for contributions to the success of the study.
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21 June, 2023