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Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma
Analyst, Aptech UK
Vishal‘s professional bio / interests
Vishal Sharma is an MSc Investment & Finance graduate from the renowned Strathclyde Business School, with over four years of hands-on experience in accounting roles, both in India and the UK. Proficient in financial analysis, bookkeeping, and VAT returns, Vishal has a proven track record of managing high-volume client engagements and fostering robust relationships through efficient query resolution and top-tier client service. During his tenure with Gilbrot Accountancy Practice Ltd in Glasgow, he took the initiative to standardise tax review processes, thereby ensuring consistent application of standards and processes. He has also demonstrated expertise in technology, assisting in the development of a Python-based application for real-time investment portfolio monitoring at Aptech UK Ltd. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Vishal is also pursuing the prestigious CFA designation, underscoring his commitment to the finance profession. His unique blend of hands-on experience, rigorous academic preparation, and continuous professional growth positions him as a dynamic force in the financial world.
I’d like help with…
As an MSc Investment & Finance graduate, I've cultivated a robust foundation in financial analysis, investment portfolio management, and equity valuation, underpinned by my practical experiences and academic rigor. My ambition is to transition into roles within investment banks and asset management firms. I'd be grateful for the following: Referrals: If anyone has connections or contacts within investment banks or asset management firms, I would deeply appreciate an introduction or referral. Given my background and skills, I am particularly interested in roles related to financial analysis, portfolio management, and equity research. Insight and Advice: For those who have ventured into or have experience in the investment banking or asset management sector, I would love to hear about your journey. Understanding the recruitment processes, the nuances of specific roles, and the expectations can be invaluable. I'm especially keen on learning about the soft skills and technical proficiencies that are particularly valued in these industries. Mock Interviews & Resume Review: I understand the competitiveness of these roles and the importance of being thoroughly prepared. If anyone can offer some time for mock interviews, particularly those focused on technical questions or case studies common in banking and asset management interviews, it would be of immense help. Likewise, feedback on my CV to tailor it further for these industries would be beneficial. By aligning my passion for finance with the right opportunities, I aim to drive significant value for organizations while continuing my professional growth. I genuinely believe that with the right guidance and a collaborative approach, I can make meaningful contributions to the world of investment banking and asset management.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Beyond my professional and academic pursuits, I have a deep passion for martial arts. I am an active member at Notre Dame Glasgow Club and have achieved a Green Belt in Martial Arts from Okinawa Martial Arts Academy. This journey has taught me discipline, perseverance, and the importance of a balanced mind-body connection. It's a unique blend of mental acuity and physical strength, paralleling the dual nature of finance which combines rigorous analysis with the intuitive understanding of market dynamics.
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A career highlight
During my tenure as a Junior Accountant at Care Cargo Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd, I took on the task of auditing and reconciling the company's expenses. In this process, I discovered an irregularity in fuel expenses linked to inoperative vehicles, which upon further investigation turned out to be a case of financial discrepancy. My thoroughness and attention to detail led to the identification and resolution of this issue, ultimately saving the company INR 0.2 million. This experience stands out not just as a testament to my analytical skills, but also underscores the impact that diligent financial management can have on an organization's bottom line.
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28 June, 2023