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Ishraq Ahmed
Ishraq Ahmed
Sales Advisor, River Island
Ishraq‘s professional bio / interests
Ishraq Ahmed is a motivated and accomplished graduate in mathematics from City University of London. With a strong academic background in mathematics, Ishraq Ahmed possesses a solid foundation in quantitative analysis and problem-solving skills. Throughout their studies, they demonstrated exceptional amplitude in complex mathematical concepts and a keen eye for detail. Driven by passion for the industry, Ishraq Ahmed is now actively seeking opportunities to apply their mathematical expertise in the financial sector.
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One weakness I can identify about myself is perfectionism. While striving for perfection can often lead to high-quality results, I have come to realize that it can also occasionally hinder progress. However, I believe that my perfectionist nature has helped me develop a meticulous eye for detail and a strong commitment to excellence. By embracing this weakness and adopting a more flexible approach, I have learned to set realistic expectations and prioritize tasks effectively. This enables me to consistently deliver outstanding work while adhering to deadlines. I continually seek to strike a balance between perfectionism and efficiency, as I understand the importance of achieving excellence without compromising productivity or team dynamics.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am passionate about delving into mathematical concepts through text books, with a particular fondness for "How to study for a mathematics degree" by Lara Alcock. Additionally I enjoy immersing myself in the thrilling world of motorsports, particularly F1.
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13 July, 2023