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Esther Ekpenyong
Esther Ekpenyong
Product Cataloger/ Content Writer, Payporte Global Systems Limited
Esther‘s professional bio / interests
- Digital Marketer ( Copywriting, SEO, Email marketing, Google Analytics, Branding , Ads & WordPress In view) - Administrative/ Executive Assistant - Virtual office Assistant - Customer Support - Product Cataloging - Content Writing/ Article writing - Product management intern - Corporate/ Healthy Meal Planner - Human Resources administration/ Assistance - English Literature curricula tutor
I’d like help with…
- Internship roles - Permanent jobs (based on my profile/ areas of previous expertise) - Remote jobs in Nigeria, UK, USA and Austrialia - My curated service (corporate/ health meal planning) referral to clientele - Fully funded scholarships in Canada or New Zealand
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
- Proudly an AFRICAN, Nigerian precisely - A diversified professional, with a career outlook on providing services in a no-code tech field as product management, as well as curating healthy meals/ meal plans for corporate settings (which encompasses private individuals, sedentary/ workaholics and individuals on the weight loss journey). - A passion driven and goal oriented vibrant young lady. - Introverted in nature, but extroverted at heart.
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A career highlight
1. Diverse Industry Experience: I have gained experience in diverse industries, including telecommunications, education, executive/managerial support, for high level executive into commercial mining/ coal/ gas fired power plant projects, and the fashion industry. This demonstrates my versatility and adaptability to different working environments. 2. Fast Learner/ adaptability: I have a proven record of being a fast learner, quickly grasping the rudiments, processes, and procedures in various assigned roles in any organization. This ability allows me to adapt quickly to new responsibilities and contribute effectively to my work. 3. Tech-Savvy: I am proficient in modern software and tech tools used by organizations. This includes SAP ERP software, Magento, Shopify/Stocky, Asana, and Figma. My tech-savviness enables you to leverage these tools to enhance productivity and efficiency in my work. 4. Content Writing and Digital Marketing: In my role as a Product Cataloger/Content Writer, I have have successfully managed and maintained customer-facing content on my current organization's website. My expertise in content writing and digital marketing has allowed me to execute complex marketing and product launch plans, improving the visibility and reach of products. 5. Executive Support: I have provided extensive support to high-level executives, including the Executive Chairman. This includes managing their schedules, appointments, and travel logistics. My ability to handle executive support tasks demonstrates my professionalism and organizational skills. 6. Administrative Proficiency: Throughout my career, I have showcased my administrative skills, including document management, task management, and secretarial support. My attention to details and ability to handle administrative responsibilities has efficiently contributed to the smooth operation of the organizations, I have been privileged to work for. 7. Training and Development: I have invested in your professional growth by pursuing training and development opportunities. This includes my recent completion of the Product Management training and my certification in Human Resource Management. My commitment to continuous learning reflects my dedication to personal and career development.
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14 July, 2023