The power of community

Engage customers and generate leads through high quality groups, networks and communities.

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Mobile first - community in your pocket

The era of the web forum is over. If you want an engaged community you have to be mobile-first.

Guild is designed for mobile and simple to use.

Monetize - so you get business value

Our customers get value from their groups, networks and communities by:

  • Generating new leads
  • Charging members for access
  • Community sponsorships

Manage - so you are in control

Ad-funded social platforms, like WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn, give you little control over branding or access to user and conversation data.

With Guild's admin suite you can fully manage your groups: brand customization, moderation, admin roles, data, analytics and integrations.

Network - so you can grow

Unlike any other community platform, but like LinkedIn, Guild has a global member network.

Choose to keep your groups fully private, or grow them by making them discoverable so any Guild user can request to join.

Directory of discoverable groups & members

The most powerful platform for your community

Mobile & chat focused
Full access to your community data
Suitable for professionals
Built for communities
Connect face to face with Video Rooms

Connect face to face with Video Rooms

Bring your community to life with your own dedicated Video Room. Run webinars, livestream AMAs or just drop in for a chat.
Your community, your data

Your community, your data

Sync Guild data with your CRM or trigger community actions automatically from external sources with Zapier and Guild‘s API.
Ian Harris profile picture
Ian Harris

Founder at Agency Hackers

“Guild is probably the best investment I've made in my business so far.”

Tom Perry profile picture
Tom Perry

CEO at Sherpa

“Community is invaluable for taking the pulse of the sector you're in. Guild has driven that for us.”

Angelique Carney profile picture
Angelique Carney

Marketing Manager at Tipjar

“Guild has proved invaluable in opening up communications with investors.”

Sarah Leighton profile picture
Sarah Leighton

Account Director at Crafty Counsel

“It has been awesome to see how Guild has helped with our community engagement and growth.”

Emily Wallace profile picture
Emily Wallace

CEO at Trade Association Forum

“In a professional context the most important conversations need privacy and focus and that’s why we chose Guild.”

Jenny Cater profile picture
Jenny Cater

Volunteer Attraction & Engagement Manager at Bookmark

“Guild is as easy to use as a messaging platform and has just the right amount of features for us. I'm not sure what we'd do without Guild today!”

Increase engagement

Increase engagement

Emails get lost. Social media gets too noisy. Guild uses the immediacy and intimacy of messaging but to engage in a professional way.


the engagement of email, web forums, LinkedIn groups.


average adoption rate.


average monthly active users.

Enhance your brand

Enhance your brand

Guild has no ads, you can customize the branding, and everyone has a professional profile.

  • Customize with your brand and imagery
  • Provide a differentiated experience
  • Professional profiles