The world’s best messaging app for business.

As easy to use as a consumer messaging app but with the privacy, control, sophistication and service you’d expect for business.

No ads, no noise and nothing is public. Guild is a safe space for you to talk with peers you value.


Dedicated to professional groups,
networks and communities.

You should expect a business-class messaging experience for work use. For business conversations that matter, your best contacts deserve Guild.

Made For

Increase engagement.

Emails get lost. Social media gets too noisy. Guild uses the immediacy and intimacy of messaging but to engage in a professional way.


the engagement of email, web forums, LinkedInTM groups.


average adoption rate.


average monthly active users.
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Enhance your brand.

Guild has no ads, you can customize the branding, and everyone has a professional profile.

  • Customize with your brand and imagery.

  • Provide a differentiated experience.

  • Professional profiles.

Uncover new opportunities.

Hear about new opportunities and delight customers and other stakeholders with outstanding service.

  • Respond to needs articulated.

  • Direct access to your most valuable contacts.

  • Increase loyalty and NPS.

We just won a £80k consulting deal from a question in our Guild group.
Dan Drury
CEO at Bowen Craggs
Like your CRM and Social combined but better. We use Guild to help us drive our own referrals.
Matt Phelan
Co-Founder at The Happiness Index
Feels good to move off WhatsApp for our entrepreneur / CEO forum. No ads, great privacy and designed for professional use.
Terry O’Dwyer

Capture peer expertise.

Consumer messaging apps are designed for social chat with no lasting value. Guild is built to capture and make available the collective knowledge of the group(s).

  • Continue the conversation between in person meetings.

  • Search full conversation archives.

  • Feature/pin the best content.

  • Threaded conversation provide structure and meaning.

Amazing customer insight and CRM.

Conversations, feedback and questions in Guild groups give unique insights and build more intimate relationships.

  • Discover pain points and needs.

  • Understand hot topics and trends.

  • Get feedback and co-develop.

  • Make your CRM more socially engaging.

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Business-class control and analytics.

Guild’s admin suite gives you the control and insights you need for professional use.

  • Privacy and regulatory compliance.

  • User engagement analytics.

  • Group and invitation management.

  • Download conversations for analysis.

Upgrade how you talk business.

Get set up today, create groups and invite customers or colleagues in to experience the new standard in messaging for professionals.