A closed messaging environment for professionals. So you can be open.

We’ve built a discreet, trusted communication app focused on quality. Zero ads. Zero noise.

What is Guild?

Guild is a messaging app for running private professional groups. Facebook has its professional equivalent in LinkedIn. Guild is the professional equivalent of WhatsApp, offering:

  • Complete privacy
    No advertising, no tracking, nothing public, invitation-only.

  • Professional profiles
    So you know who members are and how to nurture valuable relationships.

  • Protect your reputation
    Correct mistakes (undo messages, delete messages) or vanish completely (delete profile and all contributions).

Why messaging?

You probably use messaging? Why not just send an email or text? Because you know it feels different. It is:

  • Immediate
    Messaging is realtime and feels ‘alive’.

  • Intimate
    Messaging gets straight through to the actual individual, on their phone which is almost certainly with them.

  • Informal
    Messaging can be more familiar and warm, and includes emojis :D

  • Tracked
    You can see when a message has been delivered and read.

How is Guild unique?

We build trust, reciprocity and a real sense of belonging in professional networks and communities. Guild has:

  • A charter and manifesto
    Ensuring common standards of behaviour.

  • Web/email options - as well as the mobile app

  • Features for professionals
    Threaded conversations, thank/agree reactions, unsend a message etc.

How is Guild best used?

Any high value group of professionals who want to stay in touch, get to know each other better, share and learn from each other. Typically groups of between 10-150. For example:

  • Small groups
    Boards, Shareholders, Trustees, Governors, Councils, Committees etc

  • Medium groups
    Expert Communities, Special Interest Groups, Panels, Premium User Groups, Learning Cohorts, VIP Speakers, Awards Judges etc.

  • Larger groups
    Trade Associations, Professional Membership Groups, Networking Groups, Alumni Groups etc.