Free to join and run groups

Create your Guild profile, build your network. Join available groups. Create a free ‘Business’ account at any time to run your own groups.



Join groups

Join available groups, get invited into groups

Grow and contact your professional network

Professional profile

Make, and add, unlimited personal connections

Unlimited direct messages to your connections

Professional messaging features

Threaded group messages

Email yourself a message

Mark conversations as unread/read

Edit/delete your messages forever

Download, or delete, your personal data

Run your own groups with web admin, privacy/legal compliance, data & analytics.

Single Admin and group(s) Host


Create and run groups

Up to 3 groups but only 1 group(s) Host

Up to 500 users across your group(s)

Admin and analytics

Single account admin/owner only

Manage groups via web admin suite

Access and download user engagement data

Compliance – GDPR, record keeping etc

GDPR and privacy compliant

Audit trail of conversations for record keeping

Moderation features for safeguarding and quality

As many custom-branded groups and users as you need, dedicated Guild support, multiple admins and group hosts.

Multiple Admins and group Hosts

Custom pricing
from £45/mth or £450/yr

Create and run custom-branded groups

Everything in Business plus as many custom-branded groups, users, and group hosts as you need

Dedicated support and service

Dedicated Account Manager and Customer Success Manager

In-app messaging support

Onboarding and ongoing – successfully plan, launch and grow your community

Admin and analytics

Everything in Business plus support for multiple admin users

Custom features and integrations

Integrations, API, custom features

Pricing FAQs

What is the difference between ‘Member’ and ‘Business’?

They are both free but ‘Member’ is just for an individual end user of Guild, who can join groups and add personal connections to direct message them, whereas ‘Business’ is for anyone who wants to run a group(s). With Business you get access to the web admin in order to manage those groups – access user and conversation data, manage invitations centrally across your groups etc. You can start as a Member and upgrade free to Business at any time – you just need to give a name for the account when you start your first group.

What extra do I get for paying for Business Plus?

The standard Business account is self-service and there is a single account owner/admin. It is also limited to 3 groups, 1 group(s) host (the same as the account owner/admin) and a total of 500 users across your group(s). Business Plus gets you as many groups and users as you need, you can customize the branding of your groups, as well as dedicated support and service from Guild and access to our expertise and insights on successful community management to ensure your group(s) are a success. Business Plus also means you can have multiple admins and group hosts on your account which might be important if you have lots of groups or busy ones which a single person cannot manage on their own.

How much will Business Plus cost me?

We have a minimum price of £45 a month, or £450 annually, which is billed yearly and paid up front. We will agree a price with you based partly on the number of users you expect to have across your group(s) and partly on the level of support/service you require. Contact us if you want a cost estimate based on your needs.

Why can’t you publish details of Business Plus costs on the website?

Broadly we price on the number of users you want. However, the price varies on the level of support and service you need and we also do discounted pricing for charities, educational organisations, social/professional good organisations. Contact us for a cost estimate for you.

Do you offer discounts on Business Plus?

Yes. This is on a case by case basis but for non-commercial groups, networks and communities or charities, educational organisations or social/professional good initiatives we can offer discounts on Business Plus. Contact us to discuss whether you qualify.

Can I upgrade/downgrade, get a refund?

You can upgrade at any time by paying for a new year at the new price minus anything you’ve already paid for the initial term. You can only downgrade at the end of the agreed term (usually a year). Refunds are only considered in exceptional circumstances as you can use the free Business version to check if Guild is right for you.