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Up to 25 users

1 admin

Unlimited groups

Custom branding

£ 45/mth*

Up to 50 users

1 admin

Unlimited groups

Custom branding

£ 95/mth*

Up to 150 users

Unlimited admins

Unlimited groups

Custom branding

Priority support

£ 250/mth*

Up to 500 users

Unlimited admins

Unlimited groups

Custom branding

Dedicated support

* Pay annually and get two months for free

Pricing FAQs

Can I pay monthly or annually?

Either. Annually is better value as you get two months free.

Can I upgrade/downgrade, get a refund?

You can upgrade at any time monthly, or annually by paying for a new year at the new price minus anything you’ve already paid for the initial term. You can downgrade before a new month starts or at the end of the agreed term (usually a year). There are no refunds as you can use the free plan to check if Guild is right for you.

What is meant by “users”?

These are the end users in your group(s). Each user only counts once even if he/she is in multiple groups of yours. And if the user leaves your group(s), or you remove them, then they no longer count towards your maximum.

What is an “admin”?

Only admins have access to the web admin on an account. Admins are able to create or close groups, (re)assign who hosts any group, moderate groups (they can delete any user’s message), customise group branding, add/remove other admins, and download conversation and user engagement data.

Does “custom branding” also include white-labelling Guild with my brand?

No. Users always download and use the Guild app because they can belong to multiple groups, not just yours. But you can customise the masthead branding of any of your groups including logo, name, cover image, email invites, web landing page.

What is “priority support” (Grow plan) vs “dedicated support” (Scale plan)

Priority support means we will answer your queries before others – we aim to do so within 2hrs but certainly within 24hrs. Dedicated support means you have your own Account Manager and Customer Success Manager who not only provide support and service but also advice, training, onboarding etc.

Do I need to give card details or bank details for the 14-day free trial?


What happens at the end of the 14-day free trial?

You need to decide whether you want to continue and on which paid plan. If you do not wish to continue, or we cannot get a response from you, we will close your account and it cannot be reopened. If you change your mind you will need to open a new account.

Why might I have “Enterprise” requirements

If you have over 500 users or have custom requirements (e.g. automations, integrations, API etc) then you need to contact us to discuss these so we can quote you a price.

Do you offer discounts or even free accounts?

Yes, for qualifying charities and ‘for professional good’ organisations. Please contact us to discuss