Simple to use and packed with features

Guild has everything you need to run your community while providing your members with a simple mobile-first experience.

Community Management

The era of the web forum is over. If you want an engaged community you have to be mobile-first. Guild is designed for mobile and simple to use.

Video / Livestreaming

Each group has its own video room so you can bring your community even closer together.

Use for webinars, training, regular meet-ups or impromptu drop-ins.

API / Integrations

Connect your community data to your CRM so Guild fits into your ecosystem.

Manage your community membership automatically or trigger actions via our Zapier integration such as content posting or event management.

Data & Analytics

Guild’s admin suite gives you the control and insights you need for professional use.

  • Privacy and regulatory compliance
  • User engagement analytics
  • Group and invitation management
  • Download conversations for analysis

We protect your privacy

No ads or data harvesting - we don't collect your data and monetise through ads or privileged access.

Professional conduct - extensive moderation features; professional profiles so users are `present` and accountable.

Data protection - Full GDPR compliance with privacy by design, you control your data and can delete at any time.


Make connections via Guild's network of professionals. Direct message in private and make introductions. Bring great people into your community or discover new communities across Guild for yourself.

Mobile app

mobile app view section 1

Main feed

  1. Search archives, profiles etc.
  2. Customize logo, image, name to your brand
  3. Feature the best content with a star
  4. Pin messages
  5. Threaded conversations
mobile app view section 2


  1. Chat within a thread
  2. Tap a member’s photo to view professional profileMember avatar
  3. Applaud messages
  4. Link previews
  5. Attach images, files, video etc
mobile app view section 3

Member profile

  1. Create connections for others via introductions
  2. Easily view shared groups
  3. DM for 1 to 1 private messages
mobile app view section 4

Group info

  1. Tap group name for group info
  2. Host profile, purpose of group, member directory
  3. Direct access to a group host
mobile app view section 5


  1. Search contacts by name, title, organisation
  2. Choose to see just your personal contacts
  3. Quick actions like Direct Message or remove contact
  4. Actions include: remove, or DM, a contact
  5. Tap photo to view your contact`s profile
  6. Invite contacts by invite link, email, or SMS

Web app

Web app view
  1. Use Guild on your desktop/laptop - easier to type longer messages etc.
  2. Access to web-based Admin for managing groups, invitations, analytics, account settings etc.
  3. Left hand navigation panel always visible in web app (swipe to open on mobile app).

Web admin

Web app view
  • Create/close groups, edit group details, reassign hosts, view group members etc.

  • Download user-level engagement data, and group conversation (not DM) data, for analysis and compliance.

  • Send/manage invitations – by email direct, by special invitation link.

  • Manage who has Admin access to the account.