We at Guild care a lot about privacy and creating safe and trusted digital environments. We come across a lot of research, articles and examples of good practice so thought it would be helpful to curate a list of resources to share with others. Do contact us if you have something you think we should add.

Ordered with the most recently published first:

The Era of Antisocial Social Media (article)

Source: Harvard Business Review
Date published: Feb 5, 2020

Makes the point that millennial and Gen Z audiences are also "craving privacy, safety, and a respite from the throngs of people on social platforms". The author has "identified three categories of digital campfires: private messaging, micro-communities, and shared experiences."

The new IKEA Data Promise (video)

Source: IKEA via YouTube
Date published: Jan 30, 2020

Interesting to see such a commitment from a major brand. IKEA promises to completely change the way they collect and use data based on data ethics. They want to give customers control, trust, transparency and are committed to making people feel safe online. "When we respect people's data it is not only good for business but it's also the right thing to do."

From Privacy to Profit: Achieving Positive Returns on Privacy Investments (PDF)

Source: Cisco Cybersecurity Series
Date published: January, 2020

Over 3yrs Cisco has surveyed thousands of organizations worldwide and demonstrated that – beyond meeting compliance requirements – good privacy is indeed good for business and individuals. Most organizations are seeing very positive
returns on their privacy investments, and more than 40% are seeing benefits at least
twice that of their privacy spend.

10 Privacy Risks and 10 Privacy Enhancing Technologies over the next 10yrs (PDF)

Source: Future of Privacy Forum
Date published: January, 2020

The Future of Privacy Forum has identified ten technologies or trends that will likely create increasingly complex data protection challenges over the next decade. They also highlight ten developments that can enhance privacy.

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