Balderton’s Launch community is well known among experienced entrepreneurs for them to start and grow new businesses alongside Europe’s venture fund. Guild - billed as 'the WhatsApp for work' - is one of the latest companies to join it.

One of Balderton's core beliefs is that the next European giant will be a technology company, so it strives to provide support for entrepreneurs aiming to find innovative ways to disrupt industries.

Guild, a new private professional messaging app, has honed in on the need for a secure and easy to use business version of WhatsApp. It is fully GDPR compliant, which will resonate with businesses that need to implement communication tools that support internal IT and data policies.

Balderton partner Rob Moffat said: “We are excited to have Guild join [email protected] Guild, with its experienced founding team and big global ambition to take on a giant like Whatsapp, aligns perfectly with our Launch criteria and beliefs. They fit in well among other businesses within the Launch community.”


Guild CEO Ashley Friedlein said: “We feel honoured to be a part of Balderton’s Launch Community, and are excited to share expertise and experience amongst other tech startups and businesses. Guild is lucky to have access to Balderton’s networks and reach, and humbled to be in the presence of giants such as Tapdaq, Magic Pony, and Nested, among others.”

Guild is in beta for its initial private trials phase, and will go live to the public Autumn 2018.

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