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Tehmina Boman-Behram
Tehmina Boman-Behram
Internal Communications Executive, TLT LLP
Tehmina‘s professional bio / interests
I am an experienced communicator with a passion for internal communication. It’s a fascinating branch of public relations used to inform, engage and motivate employees and is central to an organisation’s success. Good internal communication practice means keeping employees informed as well as listening and responding to what they have to say. I have a special interest in change communication and its positive association with reducing uncertainty and anxiety for employees as well as delivering better organisational performance. As a skilled communicator, I understand the importance of storytelling in internal communication. It is a powerful tool that can be used to communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging way. When used effectively, it can help to build an emotional connection with audiences helping to make messages memorable, increasing the chances that they will be retained and shared. As someone who is passionate about internal communication and committed to professional development, I enjoy continuing to build on my skills. Having completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (Distinction), I have also recently completed the CIPR Specialist Diploma in Internal Communication at PR Academy (Excellent Pass). I use my CIPR membership to take part in the organisation's CPD scheme and I am currently working towards CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner status (expected April 2024).
I’d like help with…
I’m thinking about CIPR Chartership and would like to talk to other internal comms professionals who have become Chartered.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Elton John once made me a cup of tea…
I live in
A career highlight
Successfully completing my CIPR Internal Communication Diploma last year. It’s opened up new opportunities that I didn’t think I’d have as a woman over 50….
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27 July, 2023