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Sue Hatt
Sue Hatt
Retired academic, N/a
Sue‘s professional bio / interests
During my career as an academic, I published journal articles, edited collections and books and, since I retired, creative writing has become an absorbing interest. I enjoy working with words until they reflect my ideas and capture my particular shade of meaning. When my mother unearthed a box of letters written by my father during the Second World War, I researched their stories and uncovered a remarkable tale of love, loss and separation worthy of turning into a novel. Since then, I have written two more novels and several short stories, some of which I have entered for competitions and a few of which have won prizes. I have been an ardent bookworm all my life and enjoy creating stories which enable readers to share my imagined world.
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I'd like help with reconnecting with my story and writing to the end.
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30 July, 2023