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Derek Weeks
Derek Weeks
CEO, Unfair Mindshare
Derek‘s professional bio / interests
Derek Weeks is the founder and CEO of Unfair Mindshare, a leading marketing consultancy renowned for crafting boundary-pushing go-to-market strategies that capture the attention of markets, win more deals, and create remarkable brand experiences. As a 4-time CMO and VP of Marketing with more than thirty years of experience, Derek has shaped marketing at Fortune 100 technology powerhouses and scaled growth for innovative venture-backed start-ups alike. Honored as one of the top CMOs in the Washington DC metro area by DCA Live and snagging the coveted Marketing Department of the Year award from the Business Intelligence Group, Derek strives every day to make a positive impact in the community of marketers worldwide. Derek is the pen behind Unfair Mindshare: A CMO’s guide to community-led marketing in a product-led world, and the co-author of the insightful Feedback Loops: Voices of All Day DevOps trilogy. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Silicon Valley, Derek now lives in beautiful Bethesda, Maryland with his wife, family, and tail-wagging Labradoodle. Keep up with Derek at, and follow his musings and insights on LinkedIn and Twitter: @weekstweets.
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01 August, 2023