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Kiran Gathani
Kiran Gathani
Intern, CyanoCapture
Kiran‘s professional bio / interests
Natural Sciences Graduate from the University of Cambridge | R&D, Operations Intern at CyanoCapture | Incoming Law School Student (PgDL). Scientifically minded graduate, with a strong interest in innovative, emerging companies. Looking for opportunities to utilise my business acumen, developed through my practical law course alongside my technical scientific training to assist with the growth and development of exciting start-up companies.
I’d like help with…
Learning about different career routes within global law and fund management. I would love the chance to learn more about the facets of different practices and gain a greater understanding of where I may best apply and develop my skillset. Although I have a particular interest in emerging company/venture capital related law, I would like the chance to learn about different areas within law, following my own curiosity.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Born and childhood spent in Hong Kong, before spending secondary school in England, Half-Indian, Half-British Ethnicity. Strong interest in anti-ageing research, in particular, recent private investment trends in cellular reprogramming based technology. Engaged with sustainability initiatives, currently responsible for the genetic engineering of new cyanobacterial strains to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with CyanoCapture. Working on decreasing the $/ton CO2 captured, to make the process an affordable alternative to current competition in the market.
I live in
A career highlight
One standout from my (fledgling) career was my participation as a boxer in a debut boxing event held at Cambridge University, in association with Wilder Student Events. Not only did I undertake an intense nutritional and physical regime in preparation for my fight, but also was responsible for marketing the event to the Cambridge student populace. As this event was the first of its kind to take place in Cambridge, there was also less of a reputation to carry the marketing process. Balancing this commitment alongside the final year of my study of an intense degree tested my time management skills and the marketing aspect developed my resourcefulness. Altogether, I raised over £900 for the event in sponsorship money and ticket sales, to be donated to various charities assisting with key issues such as domestic abuse and homelessness.
Joined Guild
06 August, 2023