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Jason Sennitt
Jason Sennitt
Founder, Moonshot Consulting
Jason‘s professional bio / interests
After 20 years with the big three global distillers, I now help start-up brands while also launching some of my own. In terms of consulting I specialise in commercial development, marketing and business strategy. I’m also a board director, investor and executive coach.
I’d like help with…
The rollercoaster ride of going it alone, taking new ideas to market, and the many questions I’ve not even thought about yet.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
After passing the penultimate round of the Diageo grad scheme application I suddenly received a rejection (little did I know the whole scheme had been scrapped due to poor company performance). I’d not applied anywhere else, so I said I was coming to London HQ anyway and would camp out in the office until someone interviewed we. They took one grad that year, (which they wouldn’t have done if I’d had a back up option!).
I live in
A career highlight
Working with the government in Kenya to launch an initiative to reduce the harm to communities from illicit alcohol. A decade on and it’s still going.
Joined Guild
15 August, 2023