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Mateusz Surmacz
Mateusz Surmacz
Mathematics Student, Queen Mary
Mateusz‘s professional bio / interests
I am a second-year Mathematics student at Queen Mary University of London who takes enjoyment in exploring new areas and picking up useful abilities. My experiences and the talents I've picked up along the way have proven to be quite beneficial for achieving the goals I've set for myself so far. I have the capacity to work well in groups and easily adjust to shifting requirements, introducing both critical analysis and problem-solving techniques as necessary. I have also become no stranger to learning valuable skills in my own time. Over the years, I've built a robust e-commerce selling history, marked by a proven track record of driving sales and customer satisfaction. My skills encompass strategic product sourcing, effective listings, pricing optimization, and a deep understanding of online marketplaces, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for buyers and sustained success in the digital retail landscape. As well as this, being mentored by high-level training representatives, I've cultivated a strong foundation in online sales training. My skills include crafting engaging training programs, coaching teams to reach their full potential, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. I'm dedicated to sharing the knowledge and techniques I've gained to empower sales teams for outstanding performance and growth in the digital era. Let's connect to explore collaborations, share insights, and drive success together! 🌟
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Exploring career paths🛣️
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Polish national living in London
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A career highlight
Hitting the first £10,000 revenue mark on my retail store
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31 August, 2023