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Adeeba Hussain
Adeeba Hussain
Communications Consultant, Think Impact First Communications
Adeeba‘s professional bio / interests
I'm the founder of Think Impact First Communications. Through measurement and evaluation I help organisation's create a meaningful employee experience. I'm passionate about connecting impact with an organisations purpose, strategy and values, through what I call the 'golden thread' My career spans 20 years and three sectors. I have experience of both internal and external audiences. More recently I've spent the last 5 years mainly in IC. I have worked in-house for BAE Systems, a FTSE 100 global defence organisation and Transport provider First Group Plc. As a communications consultant worked for Heathrow Airport, social housing in Oldham and London local government organisation. My passion is measurement and evaluation. I want to help improve and add value to the experience of employees.
I’d like help with…
Improve my network skills and speaking to strangers.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I can sew, and still dreaming about becoming a fashion designer!
I live in
A career highlight
I don’t think I have just one, I’ve always enjoyed all the projects I’ve delivered.
@Adeeba_Hussain (Twitter handle) Adeeba Hussain (CIPR Dip. PR)(LinkedIn Profile)
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05 August, 2020