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Arjun Varma
Arjun Varma
Growth Officer, AcquireX
Arjun‘s professional bio / interests
I personally have managed large teams and a variety of outreach campaigns at companies helping with B2B Lead Generation, tailored to clients' specific need, for over 12 years now and have access to the talent pool required to deliver quality results. From our office in Pune, India we hire and manage SDRs for our clients. SDRs having knowledge of the B2B Landscape, experienced in conversing with decision makers and generating opportunities for the clients.
I’d like help with…
SDRs that are well aware of certain essentials in B2B Lead Generation like importance of the ICP and initiating the contact via personalized content promotion/Free Trial Sign ups/Driving attendance to Webinar and further nurturing it to schedule Demo/Appointments for the client's team. Additionally these SDRs can work on any unresponsive leads from your CRM and reignite the conversation based on digital footprints, if any, of the lead or gather information uncovering the reason for non-conversion. You will gain some competitive advantage just by reaching out once to unresponsive leads. Plus the advantage of having complete visibility in process, people and tech.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
Helped set up B2B Telemarketing Team in Pune captive of INFUSEmedia. Hired and managed teams working on product trial sign ups for SolarWinds, targeting MSPs. Drove attendees to weekly product demo of Dell Kace by working on leads in their CRM. Worked on getting webinar attendance of Intuit, Intralinks, Five 9, Symantec end point protection to name a few.
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11 September, 2023