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Tess Hilson-Greener
Tess Hilson-Greener
CEO & Founder, AI Capability Ltd
Tess‘s professional bio / interests
I enjoy working all over the world with amazing people in dynamic global organisations (AI Capability, Inmarsat, Deloitte, EON, Santander, Deutche Bank, Astellas, Gilead, FedEx, Siemens, Baxter, British Airways and SITA) that put people at the heart of their considerable success. I have acquired unique International industry experience (e.g. Satellite FinTech, Telecommunications, Aviation, Technology, Logistics, Financial Services, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Utilities) which shines through in my approach to different business challenges, I enjoy providing inclusive, engaging and financially sound solutions with people looking to drive HR transformation in their business, remaining ethically compliant, by creating a future proof business strategy.
I’d like help with…
AI Capability is the trusted intersection between HR and IT teams. We conduct an audit to assess what AI would be suitable for your organisation and your business needs. At AI Capability we help HR professionals by managing all AI assessment, selection and implementation - We are your AI HR Programme Lead. In the next 10 years, HR organisations are likely to undergo significant transformations due to advancements in technology, changing work dynamics, and evolving employee expectations. At AI Capability we act as the intersection between HR and AI to produce a 5-year roadmap for future technical focus. The intersection between AI and HR involves using artificial intelligence to enhance various aspects of human resources management, such as recruitment, employee engagement, performance assessment, and data analytics. AI can help streamline processes, identify suitable candidates, predict employee turnover, and provide insights for better decision-making. It's about leveraging AI's capabilities to optimise HR functions and improve overall workforce management.
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The people I have met all over the world.
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05 October, 2023