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Nina Abide
Nina Abide
Consulting Director, Artefact
Nina‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a Consulting Director at Artefact, a global leader in data, AI, and tech consulting. I specialise in helping businesses of all sizes leverage data and technology to achieve their growth goals. My mission is to empower businesses with the transformative use cases of data solutions by building and deploying tools in 8-12 weeks that typically deliver a return on investment of more than 10x in the first year. About Artefact: Artefact is a world-renowned consultancy firm specialising in data, AI, and tech. We collaborate with clients across all industries, tailor-make strategies across enterprise value chains and implement solutions that fuel their unique growth goals. My Role: I lead a dedicated team of experts who partner with businesses on a broad spectrum of initiatives, from refining data strategies to executing digital marketing campaigns and adtech media buying. We excel in optimising data architecture and operations, harnessing AI to enhance business performance and trim costs in areas such as: - Elevating customer segmentation and targeting. - Streamlining marketing and sales processes through automation. - Fine-tuning product development and supply chains. - Optimising digital marketing and media buying and - Enhancing data security to prevent fraudulent activities and mitigate risks. - Enhancing operational efficiency across the board. I am deeply passionate about helping businesses leverage data and technology to make informed decisions, engage target audiences effectively, and drive sustainable growth. AI in Action: Here are specific instances of how AI can rev up business performance and trim expenses: - E-commerce: AI refines customer targeting and boosts sales through personalised product recommendations. - Manufacturing: AI automates sales tasks, enhances efficiency, and drives higher conversion rates. - Logistics: AI optimises inventory management and routing, slashing costs while improving service. - Finance: AI thwarts fraud and minimises risk, safeguarding your financial interests. - Healthcare: AI enhances operational efficiency, automates administrative tasks, and improves patient care. These are just glimpses of AI's potential. Artefact boasts a team of AI scientists and experts ready to tailor solutions precisely to every unique need. Previously, I worked in business development for an international hospitality outlet property developer and drove 10x growth over seven years of my tenure. Let's connect and explore how we can catalyse your business growth journey.
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16 October, 2023