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Jeanette Thomas
Jeanette Thomas
Founder, Mosebon Recruitment ltd
Jeanette‘s professional bio / interests
Mosebon Recruitment ltd®© began with two and shall expand to many. Based upon a Mother's story of her son and a previous Carer. Both names have been joined together and Mosebon Recruitment Ltd®© is here to join the many likes of YOU! A newly and proudly registered UK company, joining Guild we support the 'charity that begins at home'🇬🇧 philosophy!
I’d like help with…
Setting up Mosebon Recruitment Ltd and to serve the many within the UK and communities.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am very much a reference to the quote: "Where we're going, we don't need roads - "Back to the Future" I have a love of knowing and often explore the search engines to feed my quest of wanting to find out anything that is of interest and benefit to my current day to day life. I too love to hear others view points and believe that learning never stops with age, it grows!...Both the young and the mature must cultivate a community centred around knowledge and understanding, experience develops differently in many of us, it's imperative to be open to the views of the youngest and the oldest... I love traveling and have an ability to use my wonderful imagination and create, change and/or design something beyond one's typical thinking.. I am so wanting to prove to myself that I am capable of doing and giving so much more, it is far too easy to complain or expect, rather than create and resolve; my reason for setting up Mosebon Recruitment Ltd. I too must accept that it's okay to ask for help, to try and trust the process, if it'll be the only way to remove all doubts, fears I'm working towards banishing...
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A career highlight
Being selected out of 50+ applicants to secure a full 'Birt' Scholarship and go on to studying the wonderful philosophy of Maria Montessori. A proud International Qualified Directress and to date alongside my many years of practice within the Education Sector.
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Joined Guild
22 October, 2023