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Alex Murray
Alex Murray
Head of Advocacy, Conscious Advertising Network
Alex‘s professional bio / interests
Alex is a campaigner and community organiser with experience running national fundraising, advocacy and media campaigns in both the UK and Australia. At CAN, Alex manages the Advocacy team, leveraging advertising and civil society expertise to implement industry, platform, and policy interventions that embed human rights within commercial decision making, globally. Alex facilitates collaboration between civil society and corporate members to help understand and define the problems facing the advertising industry and find the solutions to them.
I’d like help with…
Breaking the economic link between advertising and media harms. If you'd like some insights about what you can do internally or how you can help drive platform or industry systemic change, please get in touch
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I once cycled solo halfway across France with a gas stove, tent, sleeping bag and an out of date A-Z
I live in
A career highlight
Influencing the creation of climate misinformation policies at Google, Pinterest, Tiktok and Meta, and the anti-racism policy at Snapchat via the collective influence of the network
Joined Guild
15 November, 2023