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JoJo Spinks
JoJo Spinks
Founder and Director, Interwoven Productions CIC
JoJo‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a Writer, Speaker, Community Animateur and founder of Interwoven Productions CIC. With many years experience as a landscape archaeology tutor and a fully qualified researcher/facilitator, my passion is community-commissioned #CreativePlacemaking **CONNECTING PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AND PEOPLE TO PLACE**
I’d like help with…
Quiet Voice Methodology - In our work we've had to mindfully and honestly address the question “Who is NOT here?” By constantly returning to the question of who is currently not participating and why, we have been able to develop a suite of techniques and approaches that we have come to term Quiet Voice Methodology. Quiet Voice Methodology (QVM) recognises and includes the traditional “Hard to Reach” individuals who experience barriers to participation but also reflects upon our own role in creating the right invitation and conditions that will encourage those who are more actively disengaged. It is a methodology developed and fit for the nuance of 21st century community. We believe this is relevant to all community work and would love to share our insights.
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A career highlight
Being forced out of a salaried role because of ill-health! It made me re-evaluate everything. I wrote a (very angry) play. I created a production company and then this transitioned into the work I was always meant to do.
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10 January, 2024