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Thomas Taplin
Thomas Taplin
Communications Coordinator| Multimedia Producer, WEL
Thomas‘s professional bio / interests
Communications and multimedia producer (mostly digital), expanded to utilise previous broadcast journalism experience. Coordinating internal and external communications and producing content through copywriting, videography, photography, live streaming, podcasting and basic graphic design. My latest projects include producing audiobooks, short films, video narration and online member activities. The content I produce is tailored for websites, social media, newsletters/email, and other platforms; often managing all back-end and technical/production aspects too (e.g. AWS, Django, cameras, mics, software, hardware etc.). I possess strong ICT experience, providing generalist tech support including coordinating projects such as data migration, remote working setups, AI experiments, and integrating cloud-based technologies. With an advanced technical, journalistic and creative background, I have over 5 years experience as a communications coordinator and multimedia producer, and over 7 years experience as a broadcast journalist. I have a keen interest in science, tech, the environment/natural world, conservation and sustainability sectors.
I’d like help with…
Breaking in to a new sector aligned with my interests.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I was born in King's Hospital (Hammersmith, London). On the day I was born, the hospital recorded the loudest scream by any newborn. That newborn was me. Ironically, that would NOT set the tone for my approach to effective communications as an adult!
I live in
A career highlight
Working in Latvia and Switzerland as a content producer, presenter and voice over artist.
Joined Guild
11 January, 2024