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Baiju Solanki 🔥
Baiju Solanki 🔥
Founder, EnSpirit Global Ltd.
Baiju‘s professional bio / interests
Baiju Solanki is a true inspiration, bridging psychology and entrepreneurship with success. As EnSpirit Global’s CEO and Founder, as well as Businessman of the Year and TEDx speaker, Baiju is a well-established leader in the fields of entrepreneurship and leadership. Baiju’s multifaceted experience, from academia to corporate, enables him to inspire high-performance teams while addressing root challenges. With Baiju’s specialist knowledge, he can revolutionise team unity, collaboration, and drive peak performance, enabling individuals to reach their full potential. Baiju is an accomplished author and social media personality, with best-selling titles and invaluable insights. Above all, Baiju champions inclusivity, actively taking leadership roles in cricket and his community to combat discrimination.
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14 January, 2024