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Rachael Kotadia
Rachael Kotadia
Marketing Director, RedEye
Rachael‘s professional bio / interests
I have over 12 years B2B marketing experience, in particular working for businesses that sell Marketing Technology. I’m very data driven and enjoy diving into the detail to uncover insights or opportunities the data may show. I also like to think creatively, trying different approaches or brainstorming ideas of things to try. As well as setting the strategy and outlining the plan for the year, I have the ability to get involved in the execution or tactical level to get campaigns or ideas off the ground. Finally I also enjoy the opportunities for public speaking and providing marketers thought leadership insight or ideas they could implement instantly.
I’d like help with…
Developing as a senior female leader. Understanding SME marketing buyer behaviour. Generating more inbound demand in B2B Brand awareness and reach with limited budget & resources.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I lived and worked in New York for 1 year after University through a placement program called the Mountbatten Institute, with my role as a Marketing Executive at UBS Investment Bank, which was the starting point of my career into B2B Marketing.
I live in
A career highlight
Personally - 3 years ago taking part in my first public speaking event in front of 60-70 people at a Trade Show. Professionally - managing to start to change the internal mindset of senior management to move away from old lead generation practices and reporting, to a more buyer centric demand focused model.
Joined Guild
15 January, 2024