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Eldad Sotnick-Yogev
Eldad Sotnick-Yogev
Marketing Consultant / Growth Officer / Performance Media Lead, SoYo Consulting
Eldad‘s professional bio / interests
Ai, Google Analytics, GA4, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Marketing Strategy, Performance Marketing, Digital Advertising, CHatGPT, OpenAI, Google, Facebook, YouTube advertising, Programmatic, Ad Ops, Tagging & Tracking
I’d like help with…
Any of the following from the professional bio/interests list. My goal is to help people improve their business either via better Marketing or bringing AI into their companies
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Former competitive swimmer and before my career in digital marketing I was in 3-5 Star fine dining/hospitality for many years
I live in
A career highlight
Finixio is a publishing empire running 86 websites across Cryptocurrency, Online Gaming, Dating and Finance. They write content in multiple languages; tracking it with an innovative software they developed to capture revenue results from the different affiliate schemes their articles point to. Their challenge is in capturing costs and seeing ROI and ROAS across their global operations. Conversations with the Founders revealed a lack of centralized processes, as different teams used private Google Sheets to manage work. The G.Sheets were riddled with inconsistencies adding to the complexity. To address this, I built a comprehensive Excel solution that created an easier aggregation of revenue results and costs. It used pivot tables and vlookups to automate the process, after copying/pasting costs & revenue from 18 different reports. This transformed the company's reporting capabilities, enabling them to generate a weekly report in just 60-75 minutes, compared to having no method previously. For the first time ever, they could truly see ROI by Geo, Channel and/or Website. Moreover, the copy/paste process revealed manual errors which provided clarity on necessary actions to be taken. The solution streamlined Finixio's operations, providing accurate and efficient financial insights to inform decision-making and drive improved performance.
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08 September, 2020