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Natthanan Chaitrakulthong
Natthanan Chaitrakulthong
Final-year Physics Undergraduate Student, Imperial College London
Natthanan‘s professional bio / interests
As a final-year Physics (BSc) student at Imperial College London, I have a keen interest in data analytics and machine learning, and a strong enthusiasm to learn and grow. I have gained multiple skills in data extraction, manipulation, visualization, and presentation, using SQL, Superset, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, and other tools. I have applied my data skills in various projects and work experiences, such as reducing weekly KPI monitoring time by producing Superset dashboards, collaborating in the development of a 4-month forecast for company's overcharge, and leading a training session on Hadoop data upload by Hue. Most recently, I worked as a Collections Data Analyst at Agoda, where I supported teams with data requests and dashboard maintenance. I am eager to pursue a career in data analytics and contribute to the success of organizations with data-driven insights.
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05 February, 2024