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Russell Stilwell
Russell Stilwell
Partner/Owner, Specified Contracts Ltd & The Padded Cell (The lived Experience)
Russell‘s professional bio / interests
In 2011 I reached a period of despair which led to my plan to take my own life. Luckily I was able to seek the right help and am here today to tell the story and use the experience to help others -This journey to get a message out to others commenced at the launch into the Construction Industry of the charity Mates in Mind in 2017. From that point I vowed to myself that if any message I can get out there could help humanity/society and prevent one person from ever getting near the place I got to; that would be better than keeping my lived experience learning inside and unavailable to anyone who may need it. Difficult internal thoughts, significant life change (through loss of the company) meant 2021 and most of 2022 required further exploration of my belief systems, internal self and to question direction and persona; an opportunity for a check and balance of my lifetime conditioning and a number of learned schemas, drug and alcohol addiction, recognising they were not serving my inner peace well (even having had copious amount of psychotherapy and medication on and off since 2011). I embarked on a journey and process to find inner peace, switch off my ego interaction with rumour, rhetoric and the fall out of my business loss . To connect internally to use my lived experience to influence and initiate a higher level of positive well-being in all industry but in particularly construction. The experience and insight instigated me challenging myself and giving back to others through an articulation of internal process mapping based on #justbe; mindfulness in the sub conscious and fine tuning of our logical conscious mind; going toe to toe with the intensity of our fight, flight and freeze responses and knowing when ego has hijacked the real beautiful self to a point where there is a need to cope rather than #justbe. With a life full of various challenges and learning experiences, Today I remain resilient, healthy and positive having navigated many hurdles of business and personal adversity. This all comes down to allowing the freedom to challenge my/our conditioning and further retrain my/our internal beliefs and challengeable internal emotional contracts that may have been formed through navigation of the conditioned “Game of life” In addition; education and learning in the subjects of business and mental health over years of study and hands on experience, provide a solid underpinning to the development of Specified Contracts Ltd whist also delivering on various trouble shooting NED roles and projects for selected contacts and acquaintances in the world of construction and facilities management; providing strategic outlook and tools to allow hope to shine through for many. The contacts and relationships formed over 30 years in business have created the platform for newly formed equitable high quality business transactions and deals through the bringing together of those businesses and business people. Good people with good values and a will/want to grow, learn & develop as a humanity assistive commune of leaders during chaotic times -these times. The Padded Cell & Specified Contracts Ltd well-being ethos enables a commune of business leaders, well-being professionals/coaches and alike to work together, meet, laugh chat but most importantly enjoy clean & authentic business time with each other to discuss the chaos, implement solutions and offer experience, time, wisdom and solidarity reciprocally. Our approach to business well-being, brings a vibrant energy to our people and our clients; 30 years in construction and facilities management connects an excellent network of people at the top (or even having a tough time not at the top) of their game; this further instigates the opportunity for awakened growth of sustainable organisational culture through the 2020s and into the 30s; a new wave of business behaviour, collaboration and culture is now upon us; our expertise in navigating and promoting a greed free culture for the sharing of wealth, well-being enhancement, sustainability and leadership ideas/strategy is a must and has the potential to create advantage and develop a self generative commune based on integrity and good energy for the chaotic & unpredictable journey ahead into game-changing times. I am humbled to be able to share this with The Legacy Club and look forward to forward to
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Business wellbeing culture, MHFA, mentoring and coaching, electrical design and installation, fabric fit out and passive fire safety, specialist cleaning services, asset digitisation in buildings, NED consultancy, connecting good people together, collaboration and good old fashioned integrity.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I recorded a swing song (Mack the Knife) in a recording studio once upon a time🎙️
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A career highlight
Back of a van to £15 million to having to close it all to going again using that very same expensive learning experience to help business leaders and develop an integrity driven business and provide a lived experience through The Padded Cell Playing a pivotal role in the launch and profile momentum of the mental health charity Mates in Mind. Saving lives and reducing stigma.
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08 February, 2024