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AJ Whitney
AJ Whitney
Author, AJ Whitney Books
AJ‘s professional bio / interests
AJ Whitney is an author, living in the Kansas City metro with her husband of nearly 20 years, two teenagers, cats, and dogs. She is also a high school counselor with a deep understanding of human and teen behavior. Apart from books, which are her oldest love, she enjoys making and listening to music, playing board games, getting sucked into D&D campaigns against her will, and just plain hanging out with people. AJ also hosts the AJ Whitney Live Book Club and Authors LIVE on TikTok with the goal of bringing authors and readers together to help you find your next great read.
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Nothing at this time.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I taught myself to read at three years old, read my first 250-pages novel at the age of seven, and have wanted to be an author since elementary school. However, the ideas didn't start flowing til I was 35, and now I can't stop them!
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A career highlight
My debut novel SOVEREIGN is expected to release Spring 2025. SOVEREIGN is the first book of a YA speculative fiction (dystopian suspense) trilogy. Book 2 is currently with beta readers, and Book 3 is in early writing stages.
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28 March, 2024