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Shadia Hussain
Shadia Hussain
Pre Construction coordinator, Dowds Group
Shadia‘s professional bio / interests
Been in the industry for 8 years, with a passion to thrive as woman in the industry, struggled for years to find similar minded women. Would love to grow & meet people of the same ethos and mantra!!
I’d like help with…
Getting involved, making my mark in the Construction industry. I’d love to make a difference and believe I’m an untapped asset that has so much to give and say. Id love to meet women who are role models in the industry and one day stand beside them to be a role model to younger women who want to excel in the industry
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I come across very quiet at first but when I’m passionate about something I’m like a firework rocket & there is no stopping me from reaching my goal.
I live in
A career highlight
I gave a nerve racking speech whilst working on Farringdon’s cross rail project to 200 men about Mental heath down at the platform. I spoke out about my personal experiences and to my surprise found that they had listened and felt moved. The moment they applauded, my proudest moment, the sound of that many that I had spoken out to, maybe even got through to just was such an immense feeling!
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12 April, 2024