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Annie Jen
Annie Jen
Master Student, University of Leeds
Annie‘s professional bio / interests
As an honours graduate in International Media and Entertainment Management and separately, International Business Management, I am eager to bring my diverse range of experiences to an organisation. Competent in decision making, I am an intuitive team player who thrives collaboration and adapts to overcoming challenges. I am enhancing my expertise by currently undertaking a MSc in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy at the University of Leeds.
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One hobby which I enjoy outside of my professional life is cooking. I am incredibly passionate about cooking Taiwanese and Chinese food, having being born and raised in Taiwan before coming to the UK to pursue further education and continue my professional work life. I find cooking to be a great challenge as it tests my organisational skills, from managing the preparation and cooking time of meals to ensuring food is ready in a specified time frame. I’ve been cooking since 2019, and my favourite dish to cook is tomato egg fried rice. Since coming to the UK and integrating myself into the workforce and culture, I am also trying to cook traditional English meals, assisted by my English partner.
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23 April, 2024